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Biography of Professor Tzvee Zahavy

Prolific author and expert in the fields of Judaism. Author of many books about rabbinic literature, rabbinic Judaism and the classic Jewish liturgy.

Taught courses in Judaism, Jewish history and culture, world religions, and seminars in classical Hebrew texts. Taught the popular course at the University of Minnesota, "Introduction to Judaism" which enrolled up to 400 students each year. Taught Introduction to Liturgy, and the Liturgy of the Days of Awe at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. More....

Highlighted Articles by Dr. Zahavy

  1. The Mishnaic Period

  2. Kohelet: An Israelite Form of Meditation

  3. Varieties of Religious Visualizations

  4. From Talmudic Chaos To Halakhic Linearity

  5. Early Jewish Prayer: the Case of the Shema`

  6. Teaching Mishnah, Midrash and Talmud at the University

  7. God's Favorite Prayers: Chart of Scripture

  8. Review of God's Favorite Prayers by A. I. Reichel

  9. Review of Eleazar by J. Wansbrough 1977

  10. Courses: Intro to Judaism, Biblical Hebrew 4, 5, 6

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